I think the hotel bill is really high.


A. I’M Sorry. It Is Available Love Hotel Of Just 3500 To 5000 Yen Or More Of The Amount Of Money That There Is No Such As A Rental Room And Playroom Near. The Downtown Area, Such As Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro Also present cheap love hotel that can be used from about 2000 yen, such hotel has heard and not good too usability and hygiene, at the facility surface.

Cleanliness and ease of use Is the, Nishinippori of hotels in breadth, etc., so we very superior in cost performance, it is proposed that those who can surely satisfied with the customers who want to concentrate on slow play.

When you have a discount campaign or the like is performed at each hotel, thank you so we will continue to gather information to be able to your induction as much as possible in such a hotel.